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We are a Sickle Cell Disease advocacy group based in Accra, Ghana, and incorporated as a non-profit NGO. Our desire is to see every person born with Sickle Cell Disease “live each day to the fullest, and make it count” and “empower the public to make informed choices regarding Sickle Cell Disease”.

We engage in a plethora of activities that are geared towards helping patients live an enhanced lifestyle, sensitising the public to support them and reduce the incidence of Sickle Cell Disease.

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Live each day to the fullest. Make it count!


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Sickle Life Patient Support Group.

With the aim of addressing the specific concerns of persons living with Sickle Cell Disease and their care givers on issues such as healthy living, medication compliance, drug abuse etc. this support group is poised to provide a safe space for persons living with Sickle Cell Disease to interact with each other and learn from each other about the condition through the guidance of knowledgeable and experienced peer counsellors.

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