My Sickle Life: The Plan Had Changed!

Charles-The plan had changed.

Have you ever thought of or experienced anything that could change your life and cause a wave of worry and despair to the people that care about you?

I have! I wish it were merely a disaster or an apocalyptic destruction or something that could be managed temporarily and not permanently distort my life. However, what I am sharing with you is more devastating than that.

It creates a constant sense of worry and fear of the possibility of anything and everything happening. This is the kind of feeling I have when I am alone and trying to enjoy life. I have felt this way throughout my life.

I guess this fear deepened a few years ago when I was diagnosed with avascular necrosis (AVN), due to an abnormality of a major blood component in my body. My hopes and dreams especially as a young man starting life were on a down turn.

I had a promising future in my field of study and work in the corporate world. Leaving work on several occasions for physiotherapy wasn’t a good start but I wondered why my employers weren’t startled about it. I’m sure they understood life better than I did.

Physiotherapy didn’t present much hope but it was the only option on the table. A very agonising treatment I must say. Helpful but not promising, to me.

Again, I was crippled by the fact that my life was going to change. The things I loved to do, the things that made my soul happy and delighted were to come to an end.

I just had to try to remember the happy moments to put a smile on my face when in sorrow. I could not go out without taking powerful analgesics (pain killers), which I was informed were likely to harm me later in life.

In a few months, my body stopped responding to all of the analgesics. I was in excruciating pain, stuck at home and could not work any more.

I begun wondering if I will ever get better? When will that day come? These are the questions I have constantly ask myself everyday for the past year. Should I focus my strength on my faith or on human knowledge and experience?

If only they understand what pain is? And I don’t think they do!
But I’m not going to give up on myself and my faith. This is just the beginning of a long fight against nature. Perhaps I might have fallen so early but when we fall, we rise!!!
Submitted by: Charles, a person living with sickle cell disease.
Reviewed and edited by the Sickle Life editorial team.

Addendum: Charles has a BSc. Nutrition and Food Science. He has overcome great adversity and is available to work for any organization willing to employ him despite his challenges. Contact us for details.

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