Remembering Paul… (3)

To Paul
I think of you brother
I wonder what silence
Enshrouds you there
Where time has stopped
And moments once shared
When you were here
Hang frozen on walls of time
Treasured memories
That only we who loved you

I think of you Paul
You’re no more here
I look away from the void
You left
A presence we will miss
A voice removed
I have your contact
On my phone
My eyes linger on your dp
But you’re no longer

I miss you brother
I am sad you’re gone
I know you were always meant
For a better place than here
So I don’t despair
You’ve left your mark
Right on my heart
Your blessed footsteps
Of His light
Brighten the path
That leads me surely
One day
To you

Published with permission of Dr. Teddy Totimeh.
To Paul. 5/12/15

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