My Sickle Life: Combating Sickle Cell through Awareness.

We are invisible, so they think;
We seem to be well,  yet we are not fit;
Invisible as you may think we are,
You may be right;
Especially when looking between the coloured lines of our numerous intravenous infusions;
When seeing through the pain we go through;
And when our eyes are filled with weakness.
Will you sit beside us?
To strengthen us?
To assure us of our well-being?

We are always pushed to the back;
Like the life of an orphan.
But we will let not this disease have a good fight;
Because we wish not to be invisible again;
We wish to stand out and to speak out;
We wish to get the attention we deserve;
We wish to match up and stand strong.

Yes! we are the patients and warriors of sickle cell disease;
And we have pledged to eliminate this disease;
Please! You dare not push us away;
Because we are ready to wrestle to the last round.

Where are your armours ye warriors of sickle cell?
Let’s keep our eyes straight and stand firm to battle sickle cell;
Hey sickle cell!
It’s your turn to fight back and not to allow the negativity to attack.
We are strong because we are united, free for our course and have no other option.

Honourable valued reader,
This disease isn’t invisible;
Neither are the victims invisible.
You will only know if you are caught in the trap.
Just wait unconcerned about our advice and see the awful outcome.
Arise! All ye teenagers and youths ready for marriage,
Arise! All ye adolescents entering into relationships for future permanent bonding in the Lord;
Help us eradicate Sickle cell.
Know your status;
Know your partner’s status;
Project into the future of your yet to-be born offsprings;
We hate to see new ones of our kind;
Because sickle cell is a silent killer, permanent prisoner; and snatcher of perpetual joy in families.

Arise all warriors of sickle cell, health professionals and all members of our society;
Let us fight to the end;
With all our strength,
With all our mind;
And with all our hearts.
We pray thee to be a partaker of this victory assured fight.

Surely, Service to Humanity stands.

Published with permission of the Federation of Ghana Catholic Health Trainees (FGCHT).

My Sickle Life is a series that provides a platform for persons living with sickle cell disease, their relatives, friends and anybody who has experience with the sickle life to share it for the purposes of awareness creation and stigmatization prevention.

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