At the end of 2016, among the activities we undertook, Sickle Life was honoured to interact with members of the AWANA CLUB at a health talk organized at their annual camp.
This talk, on Sickle Cell Disease, was on Friday 30th January 2016 at the Pope John Senior High School and Junior Seminary, Koforidua (the camp site) at 9am.

It was an interesting day’s trip to the Eastern Region of Ghana which had many interesting sights and sounds along the way and provided an opportunity for us to experience a few hours outside the capital.After a quick breakfast we proceeded to discuss Sickle Cell Disease: the disease, its cause, symptoms and signs, the need for prevention and how it could be achieved, management, dispelling myths etc.

Question time was extended due to the high level of interest by the clubbers. Questions/comments ranged from clarifications on misconceptions about low life expectancy, encouragement of patients to be more vocal if unwell or in an environment that is detrimental to their health, and the best question for the day: what they could do to help if they ever witnessed someone having a crisis.

It was an impressive question which showed that the clubbers appreciated the problem at hand and the fact that they had a role to play somehow. They were advised to keep the person warm, well hydrated, start simple analgesics and send them to a health facility as soon as possible for proper investigation and treatment of the underlying cause of the crisis.

For their brilliant submissions some clubbers received free sickle cell awareness wristbands from Sickle life and were encouraged to spread the word about sickle cell disease and it’s prevention.

We ended our presentation by informing the group about Sickle Life and our activities and encouraged them to visit for more information and also contact us later if they wanted more information.

We’d like to express our sincere gratitude to the organizers of the 2016 AWANA camp for inviting Sickle Life and the clubbers for their attention and participation.

We look forward to further collaboration.

Thank you.
Sickle Life.

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