Sickle Life Sickle Cell Screening – Kenkey Fest 2019

Kenkey Fest 2019, the 4th edition of the annual Kenkey Festival organised in James Town, Accra which highlights one of Ghana’s oldest and most loved dishes was organised on Saturday, 9th March 2019.



A beneficiary getting tested

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Patrons enjoyed good food and fun and also benefited from Sickle Cell Disease Screening and Counselling organised by Sickle Life.

A team of volunteers consisting of three medical doctors and one medical student counselled beneficiaries about Sickle Cell Disease; three medical laboratory scientists tested both Hb electrophoresis and blood group while other team members engaged with patrons about Sickle Cell Disease and distributed information leaflets about the condition to them and encouraged them to get tested.

The team gave a health talk on Sickle Cell Disease to all in attendance and encouraged early testing and counselling.
Many individuals and couples visited the Sickle Life stand to benefit from the half price Hb electrophoresis testing and free blood grouping and ask questions about the condition.

Sickle Life wishes to express sincere gratitude to all volunteers, everyone who visited the Sickle Life stand to get tested, ask a Sickle Cell Disease related question or support our work and also thank the organisers of Kenkey Fest 2019 for granting us the opportunity to educate the public about the condition.

Thank you.

Know Your Sickle Cell Genotype. Make An Informed Decision.


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