February 2, 2016

Who We Are

Sickle Life is a Sickle Cell Disease advocacy group founded in 2013 by Dr. Sefakor Enam Bankas to champion the cause of persons living with sickle cell disease in Ghana through education and awareness creation about the condition.

Initial advocacy was through content generated and shared via a blog, www.sicklelife.wordpress.com. The objective of which was to expose readers to the reality of living with sickle cell disease in a credible and relatable manner through the experience of patient and doctor and empower them to make informed choices regarding sickle cell disease based on the knowledge acquired.

Sickle Life was registered as a Non-profit Organization in 2016 and has grown over the period to include several volunteers and writers, multiple social media accounts, participation in several sickle cell advocacy activities and a website, to consolidate all programs and activities.


To provide education and information about sickle cell disease to empower you make an informed life choice.

We envisage, through our activities, a time when sickle cell disease will be a topic of daily discussion and not an illness relegated to the background and for whom no one advocates but its own patients and their families.

We hope for a day, when persons living with sickle cell disease can openly speak about it without fear of discrimination.

With these we can be assured that one day, soon, people will be more concerned about their sickle cell status and will make life choices based on knowledge on the condition.

With these, the incidence of sickle cell disease in Ghana can be significantly reduced from its current 2% of annual births.


Live each day to the fullest. Make it count.

This is in recognition of the many struggles persons living with sickle cell disease undergo daily. It is a clarion call through our posts to our readers to make the best of their situation, despite the odds and enjoy each moment for its inherent beauty. It also encourages us to seek knowledge about sickle cell disease daily, as if each were our last.


The red stethoscope curved into an awareness ribbon is in recognition of the importance of awareness creation in sickle cell disease.

As medical doctors, stethoscopes are a basic part of our work. We use them daily to save lives. It is our hope that you will be encouraged to find the burgundy ribbon of sickle cell awareness in every part of your life and use it daily to save lives too.

Sickle cell awareness is not for a specific day or month, it is a way of life.

Whoever you are, pick up your burgundy ribbon and educate someone about sickle cell disease. Today.




Sickle Life is an advocacy group which aims at providing education and information about sickle cell disease to empower you to make an informed life choice. Sickle Life achieves these through publications, programmes and advocacy. This editorial policy covers all content (text, images, videos etc) on www.sicklelife.org and www.sicklelife.wordpress.com.

Sickle Life is an independent organization. Our editorial team follows strict rules on plagiarism and maintains the integrity of the organization in all interactions. Decisions on content are independent and devoid of any external influences.

1.0 Content

Topics on Sickle Life are chosen based on their relevance to our education and awareness creation efforts. They may be in response to frequently asked questions on our timelines or on a matter of public interest. The final decision on topics and content are however at the discretion of our editorial team.

2.0 Ethical Standards

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2.2 No patient information shall be published without prior explicit consent from the patient or their care giver(s).

2.3 Patient information with consent so given shall be published for the sole purpose of education and awareness creation.

3.0 Conflict of interest:

Sickle Life welcomes sponsors, partners and commercial entities to support our projects. Where there is a conflict of interest on an article, it shall be declared.

4.0 My Sickle Life

My Sickle Life is a series on www.sicklelife.org that provides a platform for persons living with sickle cell disease, their relatives, friends and anybody who has experience with the sickle life to share it for the purposes of awareness creation and stigmatization.

4.1 Articles may be submitted via email to sicklelifemd@gmail.com.

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Sickle Life welcomes sponsors, partners, and supporters to work with the organization or support specific projects. Sickle life provides a great platform for promotional articles and advertisement to the Sickle Cell community and the health conscious populace in Ghana.

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8.2. Patient consent onto other platforms cannot be inferred by virtue of their story being on www.sicklelife.org. Please accord them the respect of contacting us to seek permission on your behalf before you attempt republishing a patient’s story.  

8.3 Sickle Life grants permission on request to reprint full articles for inclusion in publications used for advocacy and educational purposes as long as the content is unaltered in its entirety, credited to Sickle Life and refers the audience to Sickle Life for further information.

8.4 Crediting Sickle Life: Sickle Life shall be credited as follows:

Title and date of publication (via Sickle Life).

Sickle Life is an advocacy group which provides education and information about sickle cell disease to empower you make an informed life choice. www.sicklelife.org Facebook:Sickle Life Twitter:@Sickle_Life Instagram:@sickle_life Email:sicklelifemd@gmail.com

9. Disclaimer 

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Team Sickle Life.

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